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Helping the client from high school into the workplace

High School, Pre-College Program

This program helps the client match specific talents, abilities, gifts, and desires to a career ensuring greater financial stability and personal fulfillment. It also helps to fill in the gaps in skills, knowledge, and attitudes employers say most grads are missing today.

College Program

This program has everything the Pre-College Program has but it emphasizes success skills, critical thinking, networking skills, mentoring development, resume and cover letter writing, and a plan of action, how to maintain it and stick to it to greatest outcomes

Post- College Program

This has everything the College Program offers but also helps the client deal with issues of gaining employment or developing a young career. Client backgrounds are varied at this point, so a particular tailoring to the client's needs is critical to the Post-College Program.

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Reading broadly and consistently is essential to success

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The Inner Projection Team

Working to optimize you

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Jeff Brown

CEO Inner Projection

Jeff has worked as a computer programmer, stand-up comic, college professor, author, and entrepreneur

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Aran Chung

Technical set up and systems specialist

Aran is in charge of all things technical and systematic: web pages, sales and marketing processes, and outsourced systems

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Keisha Wilkins

Admin and technical specialist

Keisha is hands on technical and office proficient, handling a wide variety of tasks at Inner Projection

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